About Us


eSembler for Education is one of many products offered by Premio Inc. Since 1989, Premio’s business has centered on providing exceptional technology solutions-custom configured to match unique district needs.

To prepare students for success in our technology dependent world, schools must help students, staff, and communities manage information. The goal is “schools without walls,” where knowledge is readily available to both student and teacher. It’s a concept that hinges on optimizing and integrating technology within the school community.

Premio recognized a need in districts for new way to manage teacher grades and attendance information. Web-based and scalable, eSembler was the first enterprise-class gradebook and attendance application designed to manage student information and assessment functions through a Web-browser. Intuitive, ubiquitous, and easy-to-use, eSembler provides K-12 schools and school districts with a scalable, secure, and customizable gradebook and attendance software that increases productivity and improves communication for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

For more information about Premio, please visit http://www.premioinc.com.