Online Attendance Reports

online attendance report




eSembler makes it convenient to see a summary of student attendance with their report options.  Online attendance has never been easier to operate and download to show to parents, administrators, or just for the teachers view.  There are several options teachers can choose to create a simple report or a more detailed attendance report.  Selections can be made for individual students, or a whole class for a chosen date, or even give specific dates to see what the class attendance during that date range.  And because the attendance is handled online, it’s a breeze to send the report to parents or administrators via email or it can automatically be seen through the parent portal and the administrators’ access.





online attendance totals



eSembler’s attendance report feature also calculates the totals of absences, unexcused tardies, tardies, and more.  And all these results can be seen on the parent portal so parents are immediately aware of the number of absences their child has.  Usual online attendance modules give teachers limited access to the attendance information.  Some other software only allows teachers to input the attendance and not be able to see calculated results or see attendance for past terms.  eSembler gives teachers access to view the computations of each student or of each class.  And with such a dynamic notification feature, eSembler can be set to track attendance and automatically send out notices to parents when an unexcused absence or tardy has occurred.  With this online attendance, parents and teachers monitor students’ attendance closely.