Gradebook Features

Once the school or district has successfully integrated the student information with eSembler grading software, teachers are able to input grades and assignments immediately. The teacher’s online gradebooks will already have their classes and roster in the system ready to use.

eSembler’s grading software is easy to use. This gradebook for teachers can be viewed in 3 different formats:

The typical grade all assignments view

grade all assignments















Individual Student view

grade by student

Single assignment view

grade by assignment

All online grading scales and options for grades are entered in when you create an assignment. Once those options have been made, you just type in the grades from any grading view you choose. Scores are automatically calculated. Once you have typed in all the grades for each student, you will be able to see those same grades in any screen view you choose—grade all page, individual student page, or assignment page. You can also write COMMENTS for individual students and assignments. And with eSembler, the one-time data entry will connect with the student, parent, and administration portal. Students and parents can check grades online instantly. It’s THAT easy!