Assignment Categories

color coded categoriesEvery teacher is different.  How they grade students’ work to evaluate their progress varies among teachers.  That’s why it’s so important to choose an online gradebook software that will accommodate all possible ways of grading in a classroom.  Some teachers prefer straight points and percentages.  Others prefer weighted grades where tests and quizzes are worth more than homework or classwork.  With eSembler, both styles are possible.  When teachers create assignments they need to create categories of the type of assignments they’re giving: test, quiz, project, classwork, homework, or participation.  Once those categories are made, they have to option to have it weighted a certain percent, or to leave it alone and do straight points.  In both cases, eSembler will calculate the grades automatically.  Weighted grades have never been easier.  No more calculators and the tedious task of totaling up points in each category and calculating the percentage of all.  And for those who are more visual, choosing a color for each category can help you see your categories easier in your online gradebook.