color coded assignmentsThe ASSIGNMENTS feature of eSembler online gradebook is an automated system with options that keeps you more organized than any ordinary paper gradebook can. Assign an assignment category such as test, quiz, classroom work, homework, and more. You can create your own categories. Then later on, you’ll be able to sort your assignments accordingly and check out the averages of the class as a whole or the individual student averages in each category. You can determine how you want to grade it—by points, percentage, or by letter grade. And if a student or a class didn’t do so well on the lesson and they need to re-do it, you can average in their re-take score and determine if you’ll take the highest, the average of all retake assignments, or the average of the 2 scores.  For secondary school teachers, you can even clone your assignments to all your periods.  No more re-inputting information.  And when you set your categories, you can color code each category so you can clearly see the difference between a test and homework assignment in our online gradebook.  Keeping track of assignments online has never been easier!