eSembler features have been ingeniously designed so teachers can have many options to choose from to make their online gradebook system practically customized for their needs. All records from checklists to lesson plans can make any teacher’s work go paperless.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to print out a whole new roster each time you are merely making sure if a student has brought in their permission slip, or turned in a book? And sometimes you’ll input it into your paper gradebook making your gradebook so full. Or maybe your current online gradebook makes you input it with your grades which can cause a miscalculation in your grades. With eSembler, there’s a separate feature dedicated to checklists. You can track which student brought in their books, permission slip, or maybe you’re tracking to see who participated in an in-class game or discussion but you don’t want to include it with their average. The eSembler checklist feature allows you to keep your roster organized for things that have no credit towards their grades, but you would like to keep record of it. You can create your checklist to have options for drop down menus such as “yes, no, undecided”, or just putting a text field in for your own choices. You can even input detailed notes to describe what the checklist is for.

How many times have you forgotten to give that good student his extra points? Or you forgot what consequence you gave another student for talking during a test? Forget the sticky notes! eSembler can easily keep all your notes, reminders, and comments about students, assignments, discipline actions, attendance records and more all in one feature. You can refer back to what you had written and select an option to send these comments online to students and parents. From their login, parents and students can view all your comments and notes when you choose the option to share it. You can also keep it private for your own viewing as well.

Students and parents have no more excuses of not being aware of failing grades. With eSembler’s Notification feature, you can automate notices to go out to the parents or students via email, text message, or both. There are options to warn parents of low grades, missing assignments, discipline problems, and more. No more extra hours calculating grades and scanning grids to see who’s not doing well. eSembler’s gradebook for teachers does that automatically for you including sending out the notifications for you. You can also set the alerts to make you aware of any failing students, so you have time to work with them before it’s too late. You have more important things to do in the classroom than to sit there and monitor grades.

Single subject teachers, this is a tool you could appreciate. The copy tool allows you to copy assignments, categories, students, and scores to another class. So no more tedious repeat-entering for each of your periods. You can put the same assignments in all 4 periods with a couple clicks of the mouse.

Placing kids in the right seat takes strategy and a lot of planning. Making sure you seat the right kids together and creatively making a formation that makes the room interesting. Not only does eSembler assist you with grades and assignments; this online gradebook for teachers helps you plan for your classroom more efficiently. With the seating chart feature, your students are entered into the tool ready for you to manipulate. With the pull down menu, you can choose each student for each desk.

eSembler was made to make work easy for teachers. Not only does the online gradebook allow you to have more time for other tasks, eSembler has an online lesson plan book to keep you organized. You can keep track of the objective, class activities, and even link your assignments from your gradebook. There’s even a section to write in your evaluation of the lesson after you have taught it so you know if you should use it again or if changes needed to be made. And for the single subject teachers, you can copy the same lesson to your other periods. You can even link the district standards to your lesson to label what standard your lesson supports.

Part of the success for a school is the collaboration of the teachers and administrators. eSembler has the Class Management feature that allows other teachers from your school to view your lesson plans and view students’ progress. They can collaborate easier to help a student in every class, and excel overall. It is an ideal feature for teachers who team teach. No more late night calls and long text conversations for daily classroom updates. Just look through the online lesson plan book or check the students’ grades online. Comments can be added to have clear communication between the 2 teachers.

Sometimes we need to simplify our work and go back to basics. eSembler allows you to export your roster and student information into an Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to be able to send it to others via email as an editable document.

eSembler provides users with options and tools to use to make teaching easier. So in addition to the basic featured tools of the gradebook, eSembler’s full teaching system also includes storing files where your students can download, keeping important URLs and resources that you may use for your lessons, and even submitting the lunch count for your class to administration.

Tired of students asking you for an extra copy of worksheets because they lost it? No more fishing through baskets of extra copies of papers. With eSembler, you can store all your worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, pdf files and you can allow student to access it for download, or you can keep it private to easily refer back to it when you need it. The locker can keep all your files safe.