checklist 2If you’re an elementary school teacher, you may be the one who makes 20-30 copies of your roster so that you can take inventory of field trip forms, class party money, keep track of how many stars each student earned, or just to keep track of who brought back their folders. Then after it’s been completed, you throw those lists away.  And sometimes you have to stack those lists because you need to refer back to them.  Or if you’re a secondary school teacher, you have to use a column in your paper gradebook to keep track of who brought in their book each day you assign it, and it fills up your pages in your gradebook.  With eSembler, you can help save the trees.  eSembler has a unique feature just for those inventory checklists.  It’s so detailed that you can create your own categories and customize the options of checking the students off.    All of this done online in your gradebook software.