PROGRESS REPORTS and REPORT CARD time is always one of the most stressful times for teachers. Being able to calculate so many assignments of several students by the end of the day can add a lot of pressure for teachers especially if they still have some assignments left to grade for that period. With eSembler, there’s no more scrambling or panicking to make the deadline to submit grades. As you input your grades with each assignment, everything is done for you–calculations, weighted grades, and translating final percentage into a letter grade. And once that’s done, at a couple of clicks of the mouse, various reports that are already formatted can be printed. And eSembler not just makes reports for grades and progress. You can print out, email, or save as a pdf various types of reports such as lesson plans, comments, schedules, assignments, attendance, and more. Even a blank basic roster grid sheet can be printed for your convenience to give to parent helpers or to keep a list for field trips. eSembler has a most dynamic range of reports to accommodate any teacher’s needs. report types