Parent Portal

financial planning consultationeSembler takes out the guess work for parents when they are concerned with their kids’ progress in school. With eSembler’s parent portal, teachers are able to communicate with the parents of the students without even having to call them. The parent portal from eSembler is a dynamic way for parents to keep in close connection with the teachers and to see their child’s progress on a day-to-day basis. Time is not wasted trying to coordinate parent-teacher conferences and parents no longer have to send notes to the teachers through their child. The portal is so comprehensive, the parents are able to see attendance, final grades, specific assignments, documents and homework that teachers post, website resources that teachers want to share, and even the lesson plans the teacher may post. And like every parent, life gets too busy to remember those fine details of what’s going on in school. But eSembler is the best personal assistant for parents when it comes to keeping track of school issues. Parents can set notification alerts to send phone calls, text messages, or emails when the student is failing, missing assignments, skipping classes, or having disciplinary issues. eSembler allows parent and teachers to do team work for a child’s success in school.