Parent View – Grades online

Online gradebooks have opened doors for not only teachers and administrators, but for parents as well.  Parents had to rely on trusting their children completely to show them their grades.  And when report card time came, the deep disappointment settled in finding out that they were really failing.  Which would lead to extra effort to keep in contact directly with the teacher to make sure that information the student brought home was accurate. But time and busy schedules would make things so cumbersome to follow up.  But modern electronics makes obtaining information and communicating in far-off locations so conveniently accessible.  eSembler eliminates the difficulty of maintaining direct communication with teachers and school administrators.  Parents are now able to check the student’s grades online while they’re at work, or home, or on vacation.  In the gradebook view, they’ll see all the assignments that were submitted and all those that are missing.  They will even see any comments that the teacher may have written regarding that assignment, discipline issues, or just announcements.