Monitoring Students

Sympathetic Mother with ChildParenting requires that we stay two steps ahead of our children so we can guide them properly.  It is a big fear for parents to not know where their kids are or what they’re doing.  And as they get older, and we need to allow them to assume more responsibility, but when they’re off on their own, we have no way of knowing for sure they’re choosing right for their life. We’ll blindly trust that do well until something bad happens.

In high school, we often give our children more leeway in order for them to practice responsibility and prepare them for the real world as adults.  But of course, our emotional teenagers get distracted with social life and sometimes put what’s needed in life aside and entertain their own personal desires.  Parents will battle with their kids’ social life to make sure that grades are good enough to be eligible for college entrance.  Getting information on what’s going on in school is like pulling teeth and your child starts saying that you nag them too much.  Teaching teenagers responsibility is a delicate balance between holding-their-hand through new experiences and letting them go to figure things out on their own.

With eSembler’s online grade book system, parents are able to be two steps ahead of their child in school without having to nag them for information or bother the teachers.  They can keep that balance of walking along side their kid through the trials of high school without he/she knowing they’re being watched.  It allows parents to give their kid the freedom to figure out how to do time management on their own, prioritize different assignments without you mapping it out for them, and learn how to do for themselves. Being able to see the assignments and the grades online that the teachers post will help parents to know when they need to step in and make sure their child doesn’t fall in grades.  Checking these grades online is the link to that lack of communication between parents and children when it comes to school work.