eSembler 14

eSembler 14 to Extend Broader Compatibility to Popular Smartphone and Tablet Devices

Most eSembler functionality already supported on desktop/workstation devices will now be supported on most major modern smartphone and tablet devices. If your teacher has an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 8+ device, they will be able to create, edit, grade and copy assignments, take attendance, update checklists, submit grades, administer lesson plans, manage comments, resources, file lockers, notifications, and view and create reports. Parent and students will have full access to all of the parent/student reports from their smartphone or tablet device. Administrators will be able to view administrative reports, lock and export grades, modify attendance, create and edit user accounts, remote desktop into other accounts, create courses, modify system settings, and modify templates all from their smartphone or tablet.

eSembler will also broaden its compatibility to most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Opera on MAC and PC desktop/workstation devices while maintaining its compatibility with Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and above. However, in order to broaden support of most modern smartphone and tablet devices and browsers, eSembler will no longer officially support Internet Explorer 8 or below. Users that are still using Windows XP can still access and utilize eSembler’s full functionality by using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox that are compatible with Windows XP.

eSembler 14 will be available by July 2015.