College students sitting in a classroom, using laptop computerseSembler has been teachers’ personal assistant in the classroom for almost a decade now.  In a recent survey among all the teachers using eSembler’s online gradebook for teachers, over 90% have been satisfied and said it has made their job so much easier leaving them with more time towards creating lessons and spending more quality time with students.  Read what Pasco County School District and other school districts had to say about eSembler:


“I find this easy to use, varied tools to help track all aspects of an individual and communication with the parents is simple.”


“It’s user friendly and doesn’t interfere with teaching.”


“The tool allows me to submit attendance with ease. I like that I can change the input if a student arrives late.”


“I think eSembler is easy to use and it provides a lot of helpful tools.”


“I use the functions daily, all three options, and it saves time and organizes the information according to my needs.”


“I find the notes section to be very helpful. I can indicate any accommodations or comments for each individual students. This is communication for the parents, as well as the student, to see.”


“Intuitive; wonderful system; easy to use.”


“Grading on eSembler is effortless. I love the codes that we have access to. It is very easy to keep accurate grades on each assignment.”


” It has been a good tool for the 10 years I’ve been here at Pasco High.”